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NAHCA National Steering Commission

NAHCA SCThe steering committee is comprised of active NAHCA members who serve in a volunteer role.  The committee serves as the governing body, steering the mission and vision of the Association.  These committee members take the oath of service and make a solemn commitment to ethical practice and leadership.  They take an active role in conference planning, educational development and overall experience based counsel to the Association.   They are responsible for policy review and recommendations as it pertains to state and federal regulations, public policy and national initiatives such as the annual fundraiser and other special projects.

We hope you will take advantage of getting acquainted with one or more of the committee members. They are continuously seeking feedback from NAHCA members across the nation as to how NAHCA can best serve its members in professional development and benefit services.   Please feel free to contact any one of the committee members by email.  In addition to their introductions you will find their email addresses.

NAHCA would like to take this opportunity to thank the steering committee for their leadership and service to our more than 30,000 members nationwide.

Alice Zahnow - Steering Committee Chair Niccole Weaver - Steering Committee Vice Chair
Alice Zahnow

Alice Zahnow has been a CNA for 18 1/2  years.  For 18 years, she  worked at  Lapeer County Medical Care Facility in Lapeer, MI.   Alice is currently working at Helping Hands Home Healthcare. She enjoys her work with the NAHCA Steering Committee. Alice is a freelance writer for various newspapers and magazines. Alice and Chuck have been married for 40 years and have three children. She received the Member of the Year in 2004. She also enjoys her trips to Washington D.C to speak with our Congressmen/women. Besides her work on the Steering Committee, she loves arts & crafts, cooking, baking, and playing with her grandchildren.

E-mail:  azahnowmember@nahcacares.org

Niccole WeaverNiccole Weaver has served 2 years on the committee. She is married to NAHCA staff member Kevin Weaver. They have 2 children (William and Keeley). They recently moved to Carl Junction, Missouri, from Ohio. Niccole currently works at Galena Nursing Center in Galena, Kansas. Before leaving Ohio, she worked at Fairhaven Community in Upper Sandusky.  She has been a CNA for over 7 years. In her spare time, she loves being with her children, chatting online with family back home in Ohio, working on Sudoku puzzles, and helping out at the NAHCA office. She is a proud 5-Year Cancer Survivor!

E-mail:  nweavermember@nahcacares.org

Debbie Pitts - Secretary Karon Schmidt - Treasurer

Debbie PittsDebbie Pitts has been a CNA for 39 years; the last 37 of  those years have been at Pinecrest Medical Care Facility in Powers, Michigan. She has always enjoyed what she does and could not think of anything else she’d rather do.  One of the greatest things that has happened to her is being involved with NAHCA. She is also apart of the Coalition To Protect Senior Care. She has been honored by attending Congressional meetings in D.C for the past two years. Besides her job, NAHCA, and life in general, she enjoys camping, gardening, cooking and being active in the community.

E-mail:  dpittsmember@nahcacares.org

Patsy Chailland - Member at Large

Patsy ChaillandPatsy Chailland has been in the nursing field for over 30 years. For the past 15, she has proudly worked at Southbrook Nursing Center in Farmington, MO as a CNA. Her career has experienced many highlights. She was selected to be a speaker for the Coalition To Protect Senior Care’s kickoff in Washington, DC. Since then, she has been in contact with congressional members and has authored several letters and articles. Patsy has been married to her husband Craig for 26 years; they have 2 children and 6 grandchildren. Patsy is dedicated to the elderly and  plans to continue her work to care for them and protect their rights.

E-Mail: pchaillandmember@nahcacares.org

Karon SchmidtKaron Schmidt has been a CNA for 19 years and got her start at an early age in Missouri at the Perry County Nursing Home. She now works at the Missouri Veterans Home in Cape Girardeau, MO. She has  three children. Karon’s hobbies include reading , arts & crafts and spending  time with her family. Karon has participated in many walk-a-thons, raising money for Jerry’s Kids, MDA, March of Dimes and many other charities. She was honored by the Missouri governor with the “Employee of the Month” award. Karon is also the recipient of NAHCA’s Stella Parrish Lifetime Achievement Award.

E-mail:  kschmidtmember@nahcacares.org

Tammy Lake - Member at Large

Tammy LakeTammy Lake has been in the nursing field for over 20 years and has been involved with NAHCA for over 2 years. She has worked at Sun West Choice Nursing and Rehab in Sun City, Arizona for over 4 years. She is dedicated to the elderly and their care. She enjoys representing and promoting NAHCA. She is one of the driving forces  advocating team work in her own building as well as others. Tammy has spoken at the Arizona State Capitol representing Sun West Choice and CNAs in general. Tammy frequently visits D.C. for congressional meetings. She lives in Surprise, Arizona with her husband of 17 years and their 3 kids.

E-Mail: tlakemember@nahcacares.org   

Donna Adair - Member at Large

Donna AdairDonna Adair has been married 32 years to her high school sweetheart, David.  She has 4 sons (Gabriel, Joshua, Jacob, and Joseph) and soon to have 2 grandchildren.  Donna has been a CNA  for 16 years and is currently working at Missouri Veterans Home in Warrensburg.  Donna comes from a military family (father a retired Navy Seal), so taking care of American Heroes means a lot to her.  Next to being a mom, her duties as a CNA is  one of her favorite jobs. 

E-Mail: dadairmember@nahcacares.org


Connie Trendel - Staff Liaison

Connie TrendelConnie Trendel has been in the health care profession for 29 years, currently working as a NAHCA Membership Consultant and Medical Assistant.  She lives in northern Michigan with her husband of 27 years and has one son and one daughter.  In her spare time, Connie enjoys fishing, arts and crafts, reading and writing and has had numerous articles published in magazines and newsletters.  A proud recipient of both the Team Leader and Member of the Year awards, Connie is passionate about NAHCA and quality CNAs providing quality care.

E-Mail: ctrendel@nahcacares.org